To receive KRHP-TV Digital Channels 14.1, 14.2, 14.3, & 14.4 over the air, you need to first connect your TV set to an antenna. There are two types of antennas; inside and outside.

An inside antenna will sometimes work quite well, and is theĀ  inexpensive choice. They can be purchased at stores like Walmart. Some viewers are able to receive KRHP-TV with a simple bow-tie antenna. Others use a more inexpensive indoor antenna.

Outside antennas can also be purchased at stores like Walmart. However, they are usually installed on rooftops.

If you have an older analog TV set, as you already know, there are no longer any analog TV channels serving The Dalles. You need a converter box to change the new digital signals back to analog in order to play on analog-only TV sets. So, in order to receive KRHP-TV’s four free over-the-air digital TV channels on an analog TV set, you must hook up your converter box between your antenna and your analog-only TV set.

If you have a newer digital TV set, simply hook up the antenna to the digital TV set.

Go to the menu on your TV set, and ask it to do a scan for all the available digital TV channels serving The Dalles, OR and Dallesport, WA. At last count, there were some fifteen free over-the-air TV channels serving this area including KRHP-TV Digital Channels 14.1, 14.2, 14.3, & 14.4.

Tip: You may have to adjust the positioning of your antenna to receive all the channels. Remember, there needs to be a straight open shot from your antenna to all the TV transmitters located on Stacker Butte which is northeast of The Dalles and Dallesport.

Tip: Periodically, you may have to go back to menu on your TV set, and ask it to scan again for all the channels. For some unknown reason, some TV sets can lose the exact frequency of the channels due to power outages, short power interruptions, and other occurrences.

Tip: Even if you are hooked up to Satellite TV like Direct TV or Dish Network, you may still be able watch the four free digital over-the-air channels of KRHP-TV. Simply follow the directions above, and connect your antenna to the antenna-in input onto the back of your Direct TV or Dish Network satellite receiver. Then, follow the instructions for over-the-air TV in your satellite receiver instruction manual.