The Federal Communications Commission (FCC) requires that broadcast television stations like KRHP-TV maintain a local Public Inspection File (Public File). This Public File is maintained both at the main studio location of KRHP-TV, and is also more conveniently maintained on the FCC Website.

The KRHP-TV Public File includes (but is not limited to) such things as the station’s FCC License, FCC Applications and Related Materials, Citizen Agreements, Contour Maps, Material Relating to FCC Investigations or Complaints (if any), Ownership Reports, A Political File, EEO Materials (if required), Quarterly Issues Programming Reports, Quarterly Children’s Television Reports, Records Regarding Children’s Programming Commercial Limits, Time Brokerage Agreements (if any), Local Public Announcements Required by the FCC, Retransmission Consent Agreements with Cable Outlets, and Retransmission Consent Agreements with Networks.

The KRHP-TV Public File may also be viewed any time on line at the FCC website. Click here for a link to get to the FCC website with instructions on how to pull up the KRHP Public File. The KRHP Public File may also be viewed at the KRHP-CD Main Studio located at 8419 State Route 14 in Dallesport, WA 98617. Call 541-350-0840 to make an appointment to view the file; or, more conveniently, view The KRHP Public File on line using the instructions above.